Dunkirk review

As soon as I watched the movie I had only one word in my mind: tension. It was interesting to watch a movie that didn’t go by the usual approach of many movies that retreat similar events.  There’s no character development, which doesn’t create such a significant impact on us but it makes everything much […]

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Accepting our bodies

  I never was the skinny girl or the fat girl, I was always in between. Although during many stages of my life I just wished I was a little bit skinnier. I guess everybody, at some stage of their life’s, has had insecurities about that bodies, wishing to have a different body. Sometimes it’s […]

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Law of attraction and religion

  After I star Reading and finding out more about the law of attraction there was something that bumped into my mind. At first, I thought that this connection that I made was a genius discovery, but then, obviously, I searched a little bit about it and realized that actually many people had made the […]

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1

So after more than a year the new season of Game of Thrones is finally year. I have bigexpectations and mixed feelings because now we’re less than 2 seasons away to the end. This first episode wasn’t that special or overwhelming, which is predictable. Probably the only high and really interesting that happened was Arya […]

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Today I was reading an article and that talked about homophobia in the Portuguese parliament and reading the comments has left me sad and confused. Everyone was accusing the author of confusing democracy with not supporting gay marriage (which they said that is not being homophobic). I understand what they were saying about the democracy part, […]

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Storms come and go, the rain keeps falling during the long night Sudently we’re back to the past and all inovations are forgotten.   A strike of light A lion roaring from the sky We failed to the Gods but that was in the past.   The light reapears eletricity is back, and so is […]

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The Bubble series

A couple days ago I bumped into a picture of the bubble series by Melvin Sokolsky, for Harper’s Bazar and was complete mesmerized by what I saw, so I decided to search a little bit about this work.     Melvin Sokolsky was born and raised in New York City. When he was 21 years […]

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