Today I was reading an article and that talked about homophobia in the Portuguese parliament and reading the comments has left me sad and confused.

Everyone was accusing the author of confusing democracy with not supporting gay marriage (which they said that is not being homophobic). I understand what they were saying about the democracy part, democracy means divergent opinions and points of view. But I can’t stop how there are some basic things in our world, equality no matter our sex, sexual orientation or race, that shouldn’t be questioned. At least for me I struggle trying to understand the different points of view on these matters.

But although I can’t understand this and the 3 things that I mentioned are present in our society and we still need to keep fighting for that, which is insane.

It’s funny how I sometimes tend to forget that many people around me are still against same sex marriage, and even funnier is how I only need to read the comments section on some article to realize how much the mentalities need to change.

People tend to say that isn’t natural. I guess they really prefer the naturally of a parent abandoning a child, not even caring about them. Or the naturally of these children being neglected. And of course, all children must be raised by a mom, they say…The truth is sometimes people tragically die, sometimes the mothers don’t really care about their children, and a man is as important as a mother. If they really think that someone must really be raised by a mother, being raised by 2 mothers should be even better!

And I can’t forget the religion argument. I thought that God say that we should love him above all things and the other like ourselves. But not if the other means someone that wants to marry someone of the same sex.

Going back to some comments that I saw there was also something that caught my eye that was implying that just because they didn’t support gay marriage doesn’t mean that they aren’t homophobic. Honestly that just reminds me of that kind of people that say that they don’t have problems with gay community as long as a couple does nothing in front of them. But it’s fine if a heterosexual couple does, obviously.

Saying yes to gay marriage isn’t telling someone that they must marry someone of the same sex as them, it just giving the liberty for people that want that to do it. If that person doesn’t want that it shouldn’t concern them and they shouldn’t stop someone for having the same rights as them.

Love should be above everything and I really wish I lived in a world where these rights weren’t up for discussion, because they are human rights. I wish normality meant accepting everybody and respecting their choices.


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