Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1

So after more than a year the new season of Game of Thrones is finally year. I have bigexpectations and mixed feelings because now we’re less than 2 seasons away to the end.

This first episode wasn’t that special or overwhelming, which is predictable. Probably the only high and really interesting that happened was Arya continuing her revenge, and in a smart way, may I add. Everything else was expectable.

Bran is finally in “this” side of the wall but how long it will take for hum to go to Winterfell, Sam is not having the life that he probably taught that he would have. What he probably hoped that was full of learning, especially about the white walkers is not that easy to obtain. Although the information that is going to share with Jon is what might make the meeting between Jon and Daenerys possible.

Now we still must see what is the thing that Euron is going to try to give to Cersei, honestly the first thing that came to my mind was a dragon, but good luck capturing one! But I can see here one more thing that’s going to disconnect Cersei and Jaime, he was mad and jealous just for the possibility of his sister marrying someone else.

In the middle of episode, I ended up laughing a lot, sorry Ed Sheeran! I have no problem with him appearing but that singing scene is just too obvious and I would have probably liked more if he had gone almost unnoticed. For me it’s just too forced the fact that he had to be singing.

This scene takes me back to Arya and I just want to say that I’m happy that she isn’t following the pact of reuniting with her family right away but first she’s seeking revenge, which is something that fits her character well.

I wonder what Little finger is up to, honestly, he’s the one that started it all and he’s just really smart, I really hope that he is up to something that nobody expects or it’s going to be a shame for such a great character end up like that, insignificant. He’s trying to separate the Stark brother probably but I really wish there’s something more.

Speaking of separating the Stark brothers Sansa doesn’t seem happy that her brother doesn’t take what she takes seriously and instead follow his ideals. But I must stay that for the first time I like her character. I just never really liked Sansa, guess things are changing.

I would like to end up this saying that I really like the Hound and I just wish he and Arya met again.



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