Law of attraction and religion


After I star Reading and finding out more about the law of attraction there was something that bumped into my mind. At first, I thought that this connection that I made was a genius discovery, but then, obviously, I searched a little bit about it and realized that actually many people had made the same relation. I am talking about the law of attraction and religion, how they complement each other.

Many things that I found about the law of attraction took me back to things that I used to listen a lot while growing up about religion. For example, I bet everyone, at least once in their lives, heard some story about someone that with just faith cured some disease. And I am talking about real things that not even doctors can explain. And all that took them was faith and believing in it.

Something that the law of attraction says is that we must believe in it, and this is where I think that law of attraction bumps into religion, or vice versa. If we believe in something we end up attracting it, we don’t know how it works but we just know for sure that something is going to happen and it happens. That patient that believed that he could be cure according to the LoA attracted what he or she believed in.

But this makes me wonder something, what is right or wrong. I think that basically everything that’s around us ends up saying and explaining the same things but with time things got more diverse but, in the end, they’re all trying to say the same. And of course although just believing in something for that to happen might seem simple it actually ends up being something really hard to do and not everyone can easily do it.


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