Accepting our bodies


I never was the skinny girl or the fat girl, I was always in between. Although during many stages of my life I just wished I was a little bit skinnier. I guess everybody, at some stage of their life’s, has had insecurities about that bodies, wishing to have a different body.

Sometimes it’s hard to accept ourselves and we always seem to create an image of what is the ideal. Magazines and social media have a prominent place in that but everyone around us, and their customs and ideals also has a big part in this. Or in a way, it ends up being a cycle of constant influence between people and what is shown to us in many media.

Although I wasn’t happy with my body I never did something drastic to change and I’m thankful for that. But stories of people husting themselves or being bullied because of their body are something constant in our world.

What I want to say is that it isn’t easy to accept our bodies but our mind takes a really prominent place in this and honestly, I don’t think that many people realize this. If we aren’t happy with our bodies or if it’s unhealthy yes, there’s no problem with changing that, but I think we should really be doing it for the right reasons. Sometimes what’s keeping us from that change is our mind. If we don’t believe it’s possible it’s not going to happen. probably even if we exercise more, do healthier choices or understand what’s keeping us from gaining weight, like, for example, stress, and get to the point that we always taught that we would be happy we end up realizing that there’s always something that we’re not going to like about it.

One of the things that I most like to do that really helped me to accept my body and its imperfections is looking to myself in the mirror and say what I’m grateful for about my body. I am realizing how lucky I am for having this body. This might sound silly to some people but it really helps me liking myself.

Thinking of stretch marks, many people hate them, but I love mine. I just think that they had something special to my body and I really love to look at them and I find them sexy. A while ago I used to hate them and wish that I didn’t have stretch marks. This just shows how much our mind set can change our perspective on things.


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