Dunkirk review

As soon as I watched the movie I had only one word in my mind: tension.

It was interesting to watch a movie that didn’t go by the usual approach of many movies that retreat similar events.  There’s no character development, which doesn’t create such a significant impact on us but it makes everything much more real. These soldiers are trying to go back home, they wouldn’t simply have conversations or talk about their life. They just want to survive.

In an interesting way, Nolan created an environment that makes us really feel what that’s moment like. The film was based on 3 various places, air, beach and sea. In different perspectives, we could see what was happening and how isn’t just one thing that influences the war or the event. There’s more than a “war place”.

The cast really fits the movie, they all really played well their parts. It’s interesting how actually there’s so little dialogue, but once more, that’s the reality of it. They all know what is happening, they don’t have time for anything else.

Bur for me the thing that really made me feel all the intension of the event was the music. Hans Zimmer really created a soundtrack that fits well every scene, creating such a big tension that ends up perturbing.

Also, unlike many movies, all the “war things” seemed well done, it wasn’t just something to look cool with huge effects, it was something to represent reality.

Although it follows simple lines and story it isn’t something boring or that we just don’t feel, more the opposite. We feel every moment and even without a close look up into the characters we can also “learn” and try to guess a little bit about them and their actions.

As expected it was an excellent movie that brought something different and more real. This movie comes in a wonderful time where everything else that we can see in the cinemas is a story that only needs special effects and it’s done.


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