Being too calm

Many people would probably love to be always calm, I think it’s pretty nice being like this but sometimes being nervous is necessary and has as s important part in whatever we’re doing. The idea of having test of exams became something so ordinary that I don’t really remember being nervous for that. I could […]

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Why are youtubers writing books?

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be able to write a book, to look at the final product and thinking ‘I did that. I would love to know that feeling, I think it would make me insanely proud. But this isn’t about me. Lately many youtubers have been writing and publishing books. The controversial […]

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Being grateful

Some months ago, I bumped into the law of attraction. I had heard of it before but this time I really paid attention and started do learn more about it. At first it seems easy but then practising and having the results that we want can be hard. It requires a certain mind set and […]

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New Game of Thrones trailer

The new trailer is here and more than ever I feel like the end is near. This season is just around the corner and then one more and it’s all over (not really all because this world is huge and has so much stories to explore). The first time watching this new trailer I was […]

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That time of the year when everybody just wants to be by the pool, go to the beach or go out with friends has arrived. But it’s not more than a wish. We all want to do that, have fun, but we have exams, which means that we’re stuck somewhere studying. But I noticed something, […]

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  I’m from the 90s. I grewup with technology around me, but nothing like nowadays. I remember playing some stupid games on the computer, stupid games that I used to love and that will always bring me thatnostalgia feeling, but I would also play around in the nature, talk with people around me, try to […]

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Boys wear nail polish

  Today I was having lunch at uni and I saw a boy that had his nails painted with black polish. That really made me think because although I don’t know him I felt proud, he’s breaking boundaries. The people that were with me didn’t feel quite the same way. Later I talked with a […]

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